Jeonghun, Lee


ceramic artworks

with openwork, inlay, iron painting and other methods


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2006년부터 작업한 투각도자기와 철화, 상감, 박지, 조화기법으로 작업한 분청사기 작품들





the 4th solo exhibition, Seoul Art center, 2013



3회 도예개인전_갤러리 이즈_2012


the 3rd solo exhibition

the 3rd solo exhibition_Gallery IS_2012



2회 도예개인전_가나아트스페이스_2011


the 2nd solo exhibition

the 2nd solo exhibition_Gana Art Space_2011



1회 도예 개인전_인사아트센터_2008


the 1st solo exhibition

the 1st solo exhibition_Insa Art Center_2008



Jeonghun, Lee


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